Emprise Group — 6 August 2020

Experienced travel journalist and touring expert, Glenn Marshall has been appointed as Editor at Large for Camper Australia today.

Adventures Group Holdings (AGH), the publisher of Camper Australia announced the changes to the editorial team as part of the broader structural changes announced by the Emprise Group last month. 

"Glenn brings with him decades of experience in the travel, touring and camper trailer content space and will become the face of our Camper business." AGH General Manager Chris Jefferson commented. 

"We are excited to see where Glenn takes the award winning brand which we know plays a significant role in inspiring travel and helping people choose the best Camper for them."

Camper Australia is a multi-media brand which publishes a monthly magazine, digital media assets and a market leading app, CAMPERX. 

AGH Content Director, Tim van Duyl added, "Camper plays a vital role in connecting passionate consumers to manufacturers and destinations. Our role is to inspire consumers to participate in the lifestyle while at the same time guiding users to help them understand the various options available."

"Glenn's role will be to guide the content team to ensure we get that balance right to engage with the marketplace while inspiring our readers with the best, most credible content available." 

The authentic and respected content delivered is a vital ingredient in establishing the Camper brand as a leading voice within the field which flows through to its cornerstone events, including Camper Trailer of the Year, and custom trips produced in collaboration with partners.